360 Photography – Now Available!

In Real Estate Photography by Jamie

Who doesn’t love new stuff?! So get excited!! New to Gold Coast Property Photography, introducing 360 Photography Tours and sessions! Now you might be asking, “isn’t this just like a Matterport?” In essence, these 360 photo tours are an alternative to Matterport tours, with a few significant differences.

So, a bit of a backstory. For the last few years I have actively offered Matterport tours as a third-party service. By having this, I was content feeling that I was meeting virtual tour requirements of clients. But after some clients gave some unexpected feedback on these tours, such as reports of motion-sickness using the Matterport program, I started investigating what else is out there. After the recent and rapid increase of requests for an alternative, I have listened to those concerns and began offering 360 photography. This new service is available now and creates interactive environments where people walk-through a property without stepping foot in the home.

I will be continuing to provide both 360 Photography & Tours and Matterport Tours for the foreseeable future. But to help you make your decision on what’s right for you, I have created a table below to provide you a fair comparison between the services.

360 Photo ToursMatterport Tour

As you can see from the table and samples above, there are quite a few differences between them. They are both made to show you how the property looks in full 360 degrees, but everything from navigation to appearance varies.

So which is right for you and how do you choose? It comes down to what is most important for your listing.

If ultra-sharp images and a doll-house style floor plan are what you require, then in most situations a Matterport tour is going to be the best option for you. Matterport also has familiar software and hosting for people, whether they like the program or not.

However, if you feel that quicker sessions on site, faster navigation through your property and the option for editing images to remove camera reflections are more important to you – the 360 Photography Tours is what you’re looking for. With people speaking of experiencing motion sickness when navigating Matterport tours, it is definitely worth considering this alternative. While 360 photography tours and software are still developing, so if you like what it can do now – you’ll love what I’ve been told will be coming available in the next few months.