Aerial and Drone Photography

The real estate industry has benefitted considerably over recent years by the introduction of Aerial and Drone Photography. Being a fully CASA certified and insured drone operator, Gold Coast Property Photography can provide you great images, safely. Some areas have restrictions and breaking these laws can be reckless and very dangerous.

Drone Photography - Premier Real Estate Gold CoastDrones have gifted us the ability to photograph a property from angles that would otherwise impossible to achieve. These devices have given us a whole new meaning to the potential ‘winning shot’ needed to get your property noticed online. Many people take drone photography too far by flying to extreme heights which can result in losing the architectural elements of the property. The key elements of what makes a good photograph effective still apply and are unfortunately often forgotten when it comes time to capture aerial images.

With Gold Coast Property Photography, the aim is still to photograph your property and what makes it special. While ‘location shots’ are important for certain properties, the focus needs to remain on your home and it’s architecture. By sticking to the classic one-point and two point perspective images, aerial photographs can be just as impressive as those from the main photo shoot.

Luxury Drone Photography - Jabiru Estate