Holiday Rentals

Holiday Rentals can be an excellent source of income in tourist destinations like the Gold Coast. The question is however, what do you do with regards to advertising? Professional photos of your investment can be a great way to help promote your property. It may sound cliché, but its true! There are literally thousands of holiday properties on the Gold Coast and you need to appeal to your desired market.

Quality images are important on every rental platform, from Stayz through to AirBnB. Even for those of you who are having a listing agent look after your property, organising your own photos can help give you greater control.

Holiday Rental Photography

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Now you may be asking, “why would I pay for photography when my booking host will provide photographs?” That’s a great question and there are two main reasons that may be a food for thought.

First of all, these photographers are usually hired for a discounted rate and are often instructed to move through as quickly as possible. Many people approach me after having their property photographed by the host supplied photographer’s seeking a higher quality image, feeling the images provided were flat or lacking in any ‘flare’. With Gold Coast Property Photography, each holiday property is photographed to the same high standard that regular real estate and architectural clients have come to expect. As with other photography sessions, it is requested that you download a copy of the free Property Presentation Checklist so you can get the most out of your upcoming session.

Secondly, Gold Coast Property Photography provides images that are watermark free that are available in both standard and high resolution jpegs allowing you to market your property anywhere. Many of these special offer photography packages result in images being watermarked with the host company’s details which can be frustrating when you want to advertise your property across multiple websites.

If you have any further questions or would like a customised quote, feel free to get in touch or Make a Booking