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Professional Real Estate Photography should be your first stop when it comes to listing a property for sale or lease. With so much competition across the Gold Coast and surrounding regions, eye catching images are key to a lasting impression. At Gold Coast Property Photography, I aim to provide you top quality images and great customer service is vital for creating a positive experience for you and your vendor.

Did you know, that properties that use professional photography in their marketing campaigns have been proven to gain more interest and at times, even sell for a higher price? Its so important that industry leading websites, such as recommend using professional imagery in all marketing to get the best results. You can read their article here

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Are you a Interior Designer, Builder or Developer? If you are looking to expand your company’s portfolio or needing to increase marketing for your latest project, head over to my Designer and Architectural Photography website to find out about the Architectural and Interiors photography.

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Real Estate
Photography Sessions

Each photo session includes
the following as standard:

Images scaled for web use; including and
High Resolution images provided, perfect for print and signboard media
All images edited personally, no outsourcing here!
All standard images delivered within 2 business days
Get your images faster with easy online delivery

Quick Tip before booking. It is highly recommended that you book a session to show key features of the property. By having secondary rooms left out of the listing, such as smaller bedrooms and additional bathrooms, you give potential buyers reason to attend open homes and to make contact regarding the listing. While you may want every room photographed so you have options, it is best to use images highlighting the best aspects only.

Platinum Real Estate Photography Session

Platinum Sessions

Platinum Photography Sessions are the ultimate photo session for anyone who has a property that benefits from both a full daylight and twilight photo shoot. Some properties can make real statements; morning and afternoon into dusk. So, why not show off every highlight of your property to bring in the largest number of potential buyers possible?

By utilising both a full daylight and twilight session (typically booked as StandardPlus Daylight and Standard Twilight), you can really highlight the best features your property has to offer at various times of the day. With the benefits of the bright and light feeling of a daylight photo shoot, often resulting in great views and bright rooms throughout the home, into the warmer ‘homely’ feel that often comes from twilight sessions.

  • Real Estate Photography Session - Platinum Shoot Daylight

  • Real Estate Photography Session - Platinum Shoot Daylight

With the use of the Platinum Session you can appeal to every buyer’s desire to own their ‘perfect home’. By featuring key elements of what makes your listing amazing during the morning light, as well as the warmth of the afternoon into dusk, you can really help spark the imagination of what is truly possible with what your property has to offer.

Property Presentation Checklist

The Property Presentation Checklist is a free, downloadable PDF which aims to assist you in preparing for your photo session. Preparation is key in any photography session and when you are marketing your property, extra care is vital to getting the best result.

By following the Property Presentation Checklist guidelines, you will know where to focus your attention in each room. From how to prepare your bedroom through to little easily missed elements throughout the bathroom and living areas. The checklist has helped hundreds of clients focus their efforts and aided them in creating a more ‘photo friendly’ environment before the photo session even begins.

Property Presentation Checklist - Gold Coast Property Photography, Real Estate Presentation

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*Prices accurate as of June, 2018 and are subject to change without notice.