Luxury Apartment with a View

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Its rare that properties with such fantastic views of the Gold Coast become available for sale. Fortunately for me, the team at Executive Realtors is marketing one of these apartments and I was lucky enough to be hired … Read More

Elevated Photography

JamieReal Estate Photography

Something that has been bugging me at certain shoots is my lack of ability to get my camera up to an acceptable height to photograph properties from street view. On the Gold Coast, so many of … Read More

Rental Properties

JamieReal Estate Photography

Rental Property Listing Header

Many properties at one time or another get listed as rental or lease properties. The thing I find strange about this is, that most people tend to ‘opt-out’ of professional photography as they tend to see it … Read More

Carmel by the Sea

JamieReal Estate Photography

Carmel by the Sea Property Photography

Adding onto one of my earlier posts, “Unit 2, ‘Carmel by the Sea’, Broadbeach“, which showed how the apartment looked as a virtual tour, but the Real Estate Photography wasn’t included in that post. Professional photographs go hand-in-hand with … Read More

First Re-Sale Shoot

JamieReal Estate Photography

When photographing Real Estate, you tend to go from place to place and every day is different. New properties, new location and never looking back. This time was different however. Last year I photographed a property … Read More