When you hire Gold Coast Property Photography to photograph your property, you need to know what you can expect and also, what is expected of you to make sure the session you are purchasing is done to its highest potential. By reading these Terms of Hire, you will know what is required both by you and what you can expect from me in delivering your images and videos.

1) Copyright © is retained by Jamie on all photography, floor plans and videography delivered by Jamie Auld or GCPP as a company.

– Copyright is kept by Jamie (photographer) and images are licensed to you (the vendor) for the intended use agreed on at the time of booking.
– All images are licensed to one end client, be it personal or to an agency.
– The photographer holds the right to use any and all images in promotional work, advertising and may use generic images for other clients without notice. The photographer also holds the right to resell images at a later date to agents and/or vendors upon request.
– Additional charges for post-processing may be charged at $20/editing hour if extensive work is required. To ensure no additional charges are applied, it is requested and recommended that all properties be presented as per the description in the Property Presentation Checklist. Extensive editing of the images will not be made when the images could be used to mislead or falsely advertise a property; eg: repairing extreme damage to property, removing unsightly facilities, etc.

2) Gold Coast Property Photography guarantees that all images are the following:

– All images will be accurately portrayed in relation to room size, colour balance and brightness. All equipment used in these shoots is carefully selected to help show each room accurately.
– Lenses used will not excessively enlarge room sizes, as it can be linked with misleading marketing and legal issues. As such, limits on the wide angle lenses are applied to keep rooms as accurate as possible.
– Vertical and horizontal alignment will be correct. eg; no leaning walls, excessively warped furniture, etc.
– The property will be photographed as is and the images will not be extensively manipulated to remove these items. For hygienic and safety reasons I may refuse to move personal products and other items that may devalue the photograph. Please refer to the Property Presentation Checklist for full details on how to most effectively present your property.

3) Bookings are confirmed either via phone call, text or email. If a photo shoot is cancelled without warning (eg, property is inaccessible for the photographer, property is unpresentable), a call-out fee may be applied. In the event that weather is extremely poor and  unworkable, no charge will be applied to reschedule the photo shoot to the next available session time.

4) Invoicing and payment requirements:


All photo sessions will be quoted prior to the booking being confirmed. All payments must be finalised before the final images are delivered. If the client would like to see sample images of the photo session, watermarked images may be uploaded to a private gallery then emailed to a nominated account. Once full payment is made, watermark free images will be delivered to the same nominated account/s as soon as possible.


All invoices are sent via email with Direct Deposit as the preferred method of payment. All invoices MUST BE PAID by the “Payable By” date listed on the invoice.

5) Specialised photography and videography packages are available upon request. Feel free to contact me directly at info@gcpropertyphotography.net or call at ph.0448 942 415

8) These terms may be changed or updated without notice.

If you have questions regarding the above Terms of Hire, please Contact me and I shall answer any questions you have.