Virtual Video

Virtual Tours are back in and here to stay with Gold Coast Property Photography. These videography options are a perfect accompaniment to any photography package and can help to target your listing to a wider market. Videography is a tricky thing to get right, with timing and colour balance being crucial to selling the property’s look without giving away too much.

For those of you who are familiar with virtual tours, you may be familiar with the issues that commonly partner with these tours. Such as incorrect colour, slanted walls or tilting mid-frame resulting in a jerky and unprofessional looking end product. That is where Gold Coast Property Photography aims to make a difference to your vendor’s and potential buyer’s experience.

To ensure that these tours are designed to suit each marketing campaign, two styles of Virtual Tour are now available for booking; “Video Teasers” and “Video Tours”.

Video Teasers are a great way to provide a sneak peak into a property with a quick 30 Second tour, focusing on key elements of the listing. By keeping the time so short, you know that people are less likely to be distracted and lose their attention. These Video Teasers are great for both small and larger properties and are designed to make people search further into the photography element of the listing.

Video Tours are perfect for larger properties that require a little more time and attention. By keeping the Video Tours to a relatively short 60 Second video, it allows us to capture the best elements of the listing in greater detail. Perfect for that added sense of luxury and designed specifically for larger homes or those with high end appliances and fixtures. By using a mix of ‘walk-through’ style videography with traditional panning and sliding techniques, you can have an edgy yet elegant result for your campaign.